How many people go to Spring Break?

Tens of Thousands, and growing. New bookings are made daily.

Are we still allowed to go if we are not 21?

Yes, most Spring Break destinations require only that you are 18+. The destinations in USA require that you are 21+. There is no maximum age however most attendees are in their 20’s

Is Spring Break safe?

Your level of safety is determined by your behaviour, however several measures have been put in place to make it as safe as possible for you.

We have been advised to only book at an Official Spring Break Resorts. Is this right?

Absolutely. This is a must to ensure that you get the full spring break experience. These resorts are set up especially for spring break, many of them have spring break events on-site (exclusively for those staying at the resort). The resort selection (and room selection within the resort) is crucial for the genuine Spring Break experience. Sure Thing Spring Break Travel can help you with this.

What’s the best Resort to stay at during Spring Break?

This is subjective, however most people base it on location, atmosphere and reputation from previous years. Contact us to get details of the most highly recommended resort at the Spring Break destination you wish to head to.

Are there Spring Break Parties and Events?

Absolutely. This is probably the most exciting part of the experience for most people. However you require pre-purchased entry passes for the clubs and bars to get into the main spring break event on each night. Sure Thing Spring Break Travel customers get VIP entry – ensure you party pack is included in the package.

How soon should we book?

Just like the hottest concert tickets… The Spring Break rooms get snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact enquiries@surething.com.au and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available hotel and will give you details on how you can make it yours!

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